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2018/06/28 09:23

  Huludao De Jong Group Clothing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "De Jong group") is located in the "Bohai pearl" the beautiful seaside city - Xingcheng city. The company was founded in September 15, 2003, is a product research and development, design and manufacturing, marketing as one of the leading enterprises with strong capital and technology, registered capital 2000 Ten thousand yuan. The group has a first-class professional design team, advanced business philosophy, and has the right to operate import and export business independently. Nowadays, De Jong group has two subsidiary companies: Xingcheng swimsuit Co., Ltd. and Xingcheng Zhongfu Garment Co., Ltd. Both in terms of enterprise size, production capacity, R & D capability and export earning capacity, they are ranked among the top swimsuits in the province.