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CHIC2016 clothing and Clothing Fair

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2018/06/28 09:23
AsthelargestandinfluentialclothingandclothingprofessionalbrandexhibitioninAsia,CHIChas100000squaremetersofexhibitionarea,125000professionalspectatorsandmorethan1000brandsfrom21countriesandregions.  CH

  As the largest and influential clothing and clothing professional brand exhibition in Asia, CHIC has 100000 square meters of exhibition area, 125000 professional spectators and more than 1000 brands from 21 countries and regions.

  CHIC has been constantly innovating based on industry and market changes and growing together with Chinese clothing brands. CHIC is a trading platform with huge advantages. We will, as always, take advantage of the superior resources to meet the personalized and diversified needs of brand development, and further enhance and enhance the effect of exhibitors.

  As a promoter and witness of China's clothing brand and market development, after moving to Shanghai, the exhibition function will be extended with a new form to enhance the service value. Meticulous overall planning, green economy exhibition concept, comprehensive upgrading service system, practical and effective related activities, professional and high-quality exhibition cooperation, will create a new exhibition atmosphere and experience for exhibitors and professional audience.

  In the past 23 years, CHIC reflects the transformation of the Chinese clothing industry. According to the changing industry and market demand, the exhibition function, the overall layout and the form have been innovated and adjusted, thus promoting and witnessing the development of Chinese clothing brand and market.

  Your needs are different, we meet one by one

  CHIC is not only the vane of the Chinese clothing industry, but also a multi-dimensional platform that can accurately reflect and meet the demand of the channel terminal market. According to the development and change of the market, we constantly adjust the organization strategy of the exhibition, and strive to provide the exhibition services for all kinds of exhibitors.

  If you are a clothing brand enterprise

  You can fully expand and optimize business terminal channels through CHIC, so as to get the most direct business effect, and get the best opportunity for brand promotion through exhibition, theory and show. On the scene, you can reach a large number of clothing agents, franchisees, fashion buyers, and professionals from department stores, shopping centers and e-commerce platforms through CHIC.

  If you are an enterprise that takes orders

  In addition to obtaining orders through the CHIC, you can also understand the trend of fashion, use the CHIC platform to communicate with peers, and get the actual test of the cultivation of independent brands. But the biggest gain is to get in touch with more than 1000 exhibitors, and more than 60 thousand of CHIC and Intertextile spectators, and professional spectators of all kinds of clothing, including buyers, retailers, wholesale markets, direct producers, and overseas customers.

  Exhibition hall planning

  5300 - area - 65000 professional spectators - 23 countries / regions - more than 700 brands.

  In order to accurately present the overall appearance and development trend of the clothing brand in the market and meet the diversified business needs of the professional spectators in the field, through the new exhibition planning, we present the CHIC2016 fall exhibition in the form of three main plates, the specialized category plate, the characteristic plate and the exhibition medium exhibition. Efforts should be made to enhance the precision matching between CHIC exhibitors and professional spectators on the spot, which will bring more business opportunities to exhibitors.

  Hall 2: fashion men's clothing, the most beautiful women, global fashion, PURE Shanghai, CHIC- trend brand, design power, decoration tour, childlike innocence.

  Hall 3: link future, grace, ODM, PH, VALUE

  The contents of the exhibition:

  Men's clothes, casual wear, cowboy street clothes, fashion sportswear, outdoor sportswear, fashion women's clothes, cashmere fashion, home clothes, mature women's clothes, personality avant-garde dress, knitwear, silk clothing, Shao Shunv's clothes, wedding dress / dress, underwear, children's clothes, infant clothes, pregnant women's clothes, child shoes, baby baby supplies, leather / leather Grass clothing, down garments, fashion accessories, jewelry, Hats / gloves, bags / handbags, shoes and socks, scarves / ties, home accessories / dolls, etc.

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