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  The Xingcheng swimsuit industry association was approved by the Civil Affairs Bureau on 8 March 2011. There are more than 200 members of the company. It is composed of swimsuit production enterprises, swimsuit accessories and electric business enterprises. And to promote the healthy development of the swimsuit industry as the purpose, to provide various services for the government, industry, enterprises and the community.

  Since the establishment of the association, to improve the quality of the industry, it is committed to the adjustment of industrial structure and the innovation of the growth model. On the basis of increasing the cultivation, support and improvement of the original swimsuit brand, we should focus on the communication and coordination between the upstream and downstream industries and between the enterprises and the government, and speed up the pace of international cooperation and strive for the development camp of swimsuit enterprises. Make a good atmosphere. The association consists of a membership department, an information department, an exhibition department and a training department. The Federation of trade unions was established, and the first difficult labor assistance station in the province was established. And in cooperation with the rural commercial banks in Xingcheng, the "Xing Nong Tong" small and micro enterprise mutual aid margin loan products of Xingcheng rural commercial bank are introduced, and the "bathing suit small and micro enterprise mutual assistance deposit" has been set up to solve the problem of high threshold for the loan of small and medium micro enterprises in swimsuit.

  The Xingcheng swimwear industry association network is the official website of the association. It was opened in 2011. The bimonthly journal of the Xingcheng swimsuit industry association was published in January 2012. It also established the Chinese swimsuit exhibition, WeChat group and the WeChat group of the Xingcheng swimsuit Industry Association. To assist government decision making and enterprise decision making, and assist in compiling the 12th Five-Year development plan for swimsuit industry. Since 2011, the five China (Huludao. Xingcheng) International Beach swimsuit Cultural Expo and the four Chinese swimsuit exhibition have greatly promoted the Xingcheng swimsuit industry cluster to the world.