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  HuludaoDerong Garment Group Co., Ltd. ("Derong Group") is located in Xinghai, a seaside city known as "Pearl of the Bohai Sea". The company was established in September 15, 2003, which is a leading enterprise with solid capital and technology strength integrating product research and development, design, manufacture, and marketing, with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. The Group has a first-class professional design team, advanced management concepts, and self-managerial import and export operation rights.Today, Derong Group has two self-owned subsidiaries: Xingcheng Swimwear Co., Ltd. and XingchengZhongfu Garment Co., Ltd. The company is in the forefront of the province swimwear industry in such aspects as enterprise scale, production capacity, technology research and development capability and the ability to earn foreign exchanges.

  The Group covers an area of 21,400 square meters, with a floor area of 11,000 square meters. It has more than 240 employees, of which skilled workers with more than 20 years of experience in swimsuit production account for 50%, and 49% of the management personnel hold bachelor’s degrees, and 51% of them hold college degrees or above. Designers’ ingenious and exquisite design allows the swimsuits to achieve continuous increase in values and sales. The company has an annual output of 1.5 million swimsuits, with an output value of 50 million yuan. The company has total assets of 100 million yuan; the sales volume in 2015 was 41 million yuan, the total profit was 4.6 million yuan, and assets-to-debts rate was 63%; in 2015 the revenue was 52 million yuan and the exports worth was 5 million US dollars.

  During the course of production and management, the Group has been sticking to the principle of "quality first, customer above all”. Upholding the tenet of developing through technology and surviving through product quality, we have been giving top priority to building export products, to build a brand-new international swimwear brand that will enjoy a high reputation in both domestic and foreign markets. The company has won such titles as “Liaoning Top 10 Clothing Production and Export Enterprise”"Liaoning AAA Credible Enterprise"; “member of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textile and Apparel”; “chairman of Liaoning Garment Association"; “Contract Abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise in Liaoning”.

  The Group pays close attention to quality and building an image. Some swimwear products have passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification. Relying on excellent materials, sophisticated technology and fashion models, the company has created three major international and domestic famous brands: “Diezi”, “Phinikiss”, and “Ylsswim”, of which “Diezi” was rated as ‘Top 10 Garment Brand in Liaoning” and Liaoning Brand-name Product”, “Phinikiss'' and “Diezi” were named Municipal and Provincial Famous Trademarks. “Phinikiss” and “Diezi” have been registered in France, the United States, Italy, Russia, Germany, Australia, South Korea and other countries.

  The Group from has imported CAD-aided design, automatic sewing and other equipment from the United States, Japan, and Germany, while adopting advanced CAD clothing design technology, CN program-controlled cutting technology and piecewise production lines. The company uses special mortar, bronzing, tie-dye, screen printing and other processes for design, patterning, and unreeling. The technology and equipment rank in the forefront in China. The company’s production and management are transparent, where the production costs and the assembly lines are transparent, and both the output and quality targets are achieved. To improve production capacity, quality assurance and efficiency and create profits is the sole purpose of production. At the same time, we also strengthen the accuracy and rationality of production planning and scheduling. Starting from combing the production process, we improve the entire process from customer orders, procurement planning, production orders, raw materials delivery, production scheduling to finished products shipment, to achieve continuous line operations, reduce raw material waste, and ensure product quality and delivery. The company also strengthen the training of production management personnel, to improve the quality and level of production management.

  The Group actively expands the international and domestic markets, and increases exports and foreign exchange earnings. Upholding the tenet of integrity and quality, the company has established good relationships with many domestic and international customers. The products are sold to more than 20 countries and regions including the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, South Korea, Iran, Turkey, Australia, Russia and so on. In June 2014, the company established long-term cooperative relationships with the sales champion of swimwear on Taobao - Xiaotao Swimwear, thus establishing the sales model that combines both physical entity and online marketing. Last year, the company opened the Alibaba international BTB platform, mainly targeted at the international bulk procurement customers; the BTC platform “Ali Express” and WISH, mainly targeted at foreign personal procurements at the mobile and PC ends. The company has entered small-but-frequent batch cooperations with customers from the United States, Australia, UAE and other countries customers. The sales of “Phinikiss” in 2015-2016 exceeded 1.5 million pieces.

  The company has strong technical research and development capabilities, having established a professional R & D team. The R & D department has superb research and development capabilities and professional designers, who won the title of Top 10 Designer in Liaoning in 2015 by Liaoning Garment Association. The 116,072 types of swimsuits designed bythem achieved a total sale of more than 500 thousandpieces in the past four years. In order to adapt ourselves to the fierce international competition, Derong Group continuously increases R & D investments, having established a swimwear R & D center in France, developing thousands of new products annually.

  In order to further adapt ourselves to the diversification of swimwear products and the trend of high-end brand orientation, the Group continuously conducts product innovation, improves data based design for swimwear production, and improve the fine construction level, having cultivated a high-level team of swimwear experts, created a platform for swimsuit technology innovation and product development, and created the brand core values and external brand image characteristic of "green fashion, fine craft, swimwear experts", to cultivate and expand the brand. In order to enhance the brand value and expand the brand influence, the company cooperated with Liaoning Fashion Designers Association to hold swimwear design contests and swimwear model contests, to display the company's new products through the contests and released the next-year trend of swimsuit. The company has also held exchange activities with related industry associations and the fashion departments of universities, which was publicized through Liaoning Daily, Liaoning TV and other news media.

  Based on the company’s actual situation, the company has also carried out training of employees in ideology and quality, especially the training of management personnel, to improve their overall quality, discipline awareness and management ability, establish corporate identity and corporate culture, continuously display the long refined and nurtured corporate culture to the staff through various forms, and shape the cohesion of the enterprise.

  Upholding the management philosophy of "integrity-based, quality first, daring to meet challenge and self-innovation", and the business philosophy of “virtue based progress and tolerance”, the company will focus on quality, seek development through innovation, shape the image with quality, build cohesion with culture, enhance the core competitiveness of the company, and thus create a first-class swimwear enterprise.